Characterised by crisp, cool contours and weightless shapes, the HarriKoskinenWorks furniture collection outlines a new direction for contemporary design. Scandinavian furniture is often distinguished by its balance of form and function, and the pieces presented in HarriKoskinenWorks combine restrained chic with forward-thinking innovation. The collection features a uniquely transformable sofa bed, a modular shelving unit and a versatile side table. As these designs express the optimism of today's youth culture, they also capture the classical elegance of the Scandinavian tradition.

Each piece in the collection was designed with multi-functionality in mind. SofaBed, with its wide arms and generous backrest, creates sleek seating bordered by smooth surfaces, which effortlessly reconfigures into a range of sleeping options. By reducing the number of individual pieces needed in the household, SofaBed makes efficient use of space, enabling a single item of furniture to provide several functions. The modular ShelfSystem shelving unit is also as versatile as it is chic; its weightlessness and versatility are mirrored in the streamlined shape of TableBench.

HarriKoskinenWorks meets the demand for furniture with stylish forms that parallel their functionality. The beauty and practicality of these designs, together with their high-quality materials and workmanship, can bring the unique character of Scandinavian furniture to any interior.